What legumes take and how often?

What legumes take and how often?

Legumes have different nutritional content, so they are a food that should be consumed frequently. Ivan Martin-Delgado Cerdeño, nutritionist Nutrition Clinic Biodieta , Madrid, believes that there should be at least two or three days a week. Marta Comas, nutritionist Chiron Hospital of Barcelona , said that between two and four times.

They agree that the type of vegetables that are consumed should be varied . “Not all pulses have the same nutritional composition, so it is important to vary its consumption. Among the most consumed include chickpeas, lentils and beans , “says Martin-Delgado.

“The ideal is to combine the type of legume to benefit from what each variety. The total computing power is based on the sum of all intake, not just a meal, “adds Comas.

The most nutritious vegetables

Why legume is more nutritious, experts mention the soybean . ” It is very nutritious, with 36 percent protein , which represents more than double than other vegetables , ” says Martin-Delgado.

It also highlights some soy products such as tofu, tempeh and miso . In addition to its protein content, Comas notes that soy is rich in fatty acids. The expert also points out the chickpeas , since “they are rich in folic acid.”

Possible substitutes food

Whether it is possible to substitute other vegetables for food, Comas said that ” there is no substitute , although there are different foods that contain nutrients that can be found in the legume. For example, meat consumption gives us proteins, but does not provide the fiber that would get with legumes “.

Martin-Delgado not only indicates that legumes can not be replaced, but points to the possibility that these replace other foods, overeating become unhealthy. “Legumes can replace meat, providing carbohydrate complex and fiber, and folate . ”

Food supplements

It is not possible to replace the vegetables with nutritional supplements. While “it does exist supplement vitamins or minerals that may contain any of the micronutrients found in the composition of legumes.

However, the ratio obtained in a pill or nutritional supplement of these nutrients is not the same that contains a serving of vegetables , “said the expert of Chiron Hospital of Barcelona.

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