International Kissing Day: What is it transmitted?

International Kissing Day: What is it transmitted?

In a single kiss of ten seconds you can transmit up to 80 million bacteria . The kiss is a gesture that shows love, affection and love between two people, but you know what is transmitted by kissing?

Victor Jimenez Cid , professor of Microbiology and member of the teaching and dissemination of the Spanish Society for Microbiology  (SEM), explains what happens when two people kiss.


“The mouth is an extremely complex ecosystem, so that no two are alike. The oral microbiome is part of the identity of a person, as the genome or fingerprint; but it is not a unique microbial ecosystem, but a smallplanet with various niches , “says Jimenez Cid. Thus, in the living language other than these communities in the mucosa of the palate or associated with the teeth.

According to the database of the Human Oral Microbiome Database (HOMD) there are cataloged about 700 different species of human oral bacteria and it is estimated that each individual has “between 50 and 100 different species; all important for the balance of the microbial community , ” he adds.

The kisses

“From a microbiological point of view, there are many infectious diseases that can be transmitted with a kiss , ” says Professor of Microbiology. A clear example is the so – called kissing disease or mononucleosis infectious. But it does not try to stop kissing, this type of virus and infectious diseases are also transmitted by other means.

Are infectious airborne diseases, such as colds or flus , and even tuberculosis , pneumonia atypical or herpes in which the pathogen comes from the airways and is in droplets suspended generated by talking, coughing or sneezing and are highly contagious.

The strange thing is that, according to a study published in the journal Microbiome made ​​21 couples, although a single kiss, for prolonged it does not alter much the bacterial ecosystem of both people, yes concludes that couples who take time together this oral ecosystem is more similar to each other than any other individual. Ie “rubbing, ultimately, can modify the oral ecosystem of a person , ” says Jimenez Cid.

In fact, bacterial transfer that takes place during a kiss, is beneficial to boost the immune system .Saliva contains components that help fight certain bacteria, viruses and fungi, helping to strengthen the immune system and create antibodies.

In addition, in kissing endorphins and hormones are released that are linked to love and affection you can get to activate up to 36 body muscles, and heart rate can go from rest to agitation within seconds.

An act of affection that is not unique to humans.

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