Eight tips for enjoying sex to the fullest and healthily

Eight tips for enjoying sex to the fullest and healthilyLiving healthily means erotic relationships do gladly, knowing, valuing, choosing what, how, when and where, saying what you want and what not, and having adequate information to do so safely.

For the couple to make the most of the sex and healthily, Francisca Mulero, vice president of the Spanish Federation of Sexology (FESS) and co – director of the Institute of Sexology of Barcelona proposes worry about having good self – esteem, contact the couple and learn new sexual knowledge.

Other experts give the following advice:

Taking health care

For a satisfying sex is important the absence of fatigue and stress and medical problems ( testosterone deficiency, depression, intake of a drug that inhibits sex drive, etc.).

“The practice of physical exercise on a regular basis is an enhancer of our libido since it enhances the production of testosterone and allows real emotional self, ” says Vicente Bright, director of the Center Vicente Bright and member of the Spanish Federation of Sexology (FESS).

Find out what you like

To enjoy a couple, “I must first know myself well, know how my erotic works, my body, what excites me, etc. , ” says José Luis Casado Santamaria, sexologist and therapist Center SENSO Sexology, Valladolid.

“If each partner has this self-continuous-erotic encounter between the two will be more fruitful and enjoyable.This is also vital communication, trust, and intimacy between them “.


Santiago Frago, physician, sexologist, and professor of the Master of Sexology of the University Camilo Jose Cela, said that “for a couple to enjoy their art of love and pleasure of their meeting, no more secret than being carried away by the desire of meeting, take the time to love and eroticism space. ”


Over time, Brian said that some stimuli become less effective. “The solution is the continued exploration of stimuli of any kind (visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory, etc.). Also for the contextualization of sex and the search for alternatives (changing the context, habits, postures and rhythm, among others). ”

Know that intercourse is only one option

Married rejects the idea of a purposive sexuality, where everything is done to an end, which is intercourse and orgasm, and all this is secondary. “This is the result of an excessively genital idea of sexuality.”

” Our sexual organ is the whole body, not just the genitals. Intercourse is an option but does not have to be the one to enjoy with your partner. In fact, intercourse, when considering the essential element to have sex, gives many problems, such as anxiety. We must learn to play other things, “recommends Casado.

The expert says that there are couples who, at certain times, have less intercourse but not stop kissing, holding hands, hugging and sleep naked, and largely still satisfied in the erotic plane.

Bet a healthy relationship

The absence of conflict within the relationship is one of the best tips for improving sexual health. We must care for the couple. And, in some people, sexual relationship with the couple has long been an obligation rather than a source of pleasure and satisfaction.

“An unsatisfactory experience after another often results in a loss of sexual interest, if not a rejection of one’s partner,” says Bridget.

Have a positive attitude

The sexual dimension is closely related to the mind. Maybe the problems of everyday life affect sex. “We must avoid sexuality look interfered with by labor problems,” says Brian.

It is also important to free – mental affectiveness – of any negative prejudice toward sex. To this end, the expert urges the greater emphasis on sexual fantasies in any context of daily life and especially before, during and after sex.

Frequency that the couple want

There is no ideal frequency for sex. “The age that marks and desire of each partner. From an orgasm or more a day, two or three a year may be enough if the person so considered, “says Casado.

The age in which man is more powerful, and get the maximum of orgasms, comes to be between 15 and 25 years. Instead, the fullness of sexual life in women is increasing between 35 and 50 years.

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