Diarrhea in pregnancy: Causes and Solutions

Diarrhea in pregnancy: Causes and SolutionsDuring pregnancy, a woman ‘s body undergoes many changes. Also during this stage may appear episodes of diarrhea, a situation that can reach moms worry.

Diarrhea is defined as a change in the number of stools and change in the characteristics of the same, as they become more watery and is usually accompanied by an urge to go to the bathroom. “There are women who report that during pregnancy is a change in depositional habit. However, the risk as such of diarrhea is the same as a person who is not pregnant, ” says Sara Cañamero, midwives, pediatric nurse, and director of Center MaterNatal in Madrid, who said that diarrhea could also occur at any time during pregnancy.

Cañamero indicates that episodes of diarrhea are not serious and are usually self – limiting.That is, after a few days, the woman returns to be good. However, the expert stressed that if the woman also fever, blood or mucus in the stools and severe abdominal pain, if the episode several days persists, or pregnant is not able to maintain proper hydration (usually if you accompanied by vomiting), you see a specialist.

Why diarrhea appears?

Some experts point to hormonal change as the culprit in the onset of diarrhea, but there may be other factors that affect their appearance. MaterNatal director says:

  • Nausea or bloating: diarrhea usually the result of a lack of digestion of food.
  • Dietary changes: if the woman chooses to take a diet with a greater intake of fiber to prevent constipation, it could have a few days in which the number of depositions would increase temporarily until the body gets used to the new eating style with more fruits and vegetables.
  • Lactose intolerance: “there are women undiagnosed during pregnancy increase the consumption of milk. Suspecting, it is recommended to stop taking lactose few days, without giving up the foods rich in calcium “, recommended.
  • The intake of prenatal vitamins and some medications.
  • Viruses, bacteria, and diseases: as anyone pregnant women are likely to be infected or poisoned and have gastroenteritis .

But can one avoid diarrhea? The answer is yes. To achieve this, Cañamero recommends eating a balanced diet and meet basic standards of hygiene. “It is also important that women know not binge, eat in clean, wash fruit and vegetables and if you peel skin.”

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