Bathrooms forest to disconnect from unhealthy living

Bathrooms forest to disconnect from unhealthy living


Unhurried dependence on new technologies, live watch the clock, stress or anxiety for not arriving in time to meet all the needs of self – imposed and environment are circumstances that gradually are more common in the XXI century. In addition, more and more frequent visits to the doctor with symptoms of anxiety and stress, events in Japan have caused experts recommend prescribing and practice Shinrin Yoku , also known as baths forest.

This technique is spreading rapidly through the rest of Western countries and is nothing to go back to basics: find time to turn off the switch that links the human with the benefits of modern life and focus on the constant that is present since ancient times: forests, nature and the benefits it may have for health.

“Yoku Shinrin sessions begin making clear and teaching attendees how to disconnect the normal pattern of life of unhealthy habits. Once the first ballast associated with many diseases such as stress, eliminated depression , nervousness or hyperactivity, among others, we will be ready to introduce in the rules imposed by nature for our enjoyment and learning , “explained DMedicina Samurai Spain , president of the International Forest Medicine, founder of the European Association of Shinrin-Yoku and responsible for spreading in Spain.

Breathe, Chill down, Walk, Toca, Listen out, Recuperate . These indications are based forest baths. If you have already removed the initial obstacles, the next step is to find a mature forest. “Walking go smoothly inhaling the elements and substances that give off so beneficial plants and trees, which will be added to our respiratory system and into our bloodstream in a natural way. We must maintain a relaxed attitude to enjoy peace, sounds and everything around us. During the ride relaxation exercises, breathing, coordination and motor skills they are performed. People will learn everything about the species, herbal medicine, biology, etc , “he adds.

Adapted to anyone

But why more and more people in Spain want to Shinrin Yoku? The reason is because after practicing for two weeks the benefits are becoming evident in many of the systems that regulate our body: the expert indicates that people can regenerate and strengthen the natural defense systems or favor sleep onset.Although still being analyzed scientifically really what benefits to health reports, preliminary studies also point to preventive against diseases associated with stress .

“Positively affects disorders and varied pathologies that affect the overall operation of virtually all our body as a whole , ” said the president, who specifies that another advantage of the baths of forest is that anyone, even those affected with arthritis or sclerosis multiple , you can practice but always be adapted to individual needs.

However, the expert points out characteristics that must meet anyone who wants to enter the universe of baths forest and take advantage: make it a priority and values health and welfare above all , understand the importance and respect for nature; assume that only live once and we can not predict how long we will live.For this reason we must give priority to a basic principle: “Time to live, you have to live with quality of life”;be open to try sensations full of life, one hundred percent natural, unique and new, and finally, be aware that the state positive mood is one of our best allies for any aspect of life.

Guidelines to start practicing

And if I want to start practicing, where do I start?

  • The first point is to locate the mature forest in the area that you like.
  • Then you should ask for information on routes and roads and accessibility to natural areas to those responsible for the area.
  • Search whether any organization or group specialized in the practice of Shinrin Yoku near as we can we join groups and have scheduled dates.
  • Prepare comfortable clothing and to protect us from scratches, scrapes and insect bites. Wear appropriate shoes, hat, sunscreen, walking stick or long stick and a backpack with the basics).
  • Enjoy the benefits that gives us the forest with Shinrin Yoku .

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